Our Goal

We were never meant to live our faith in isolation. The church is one of the most amazing places that God uses to grow us and encourage us.  Yet the journey to find a congregation where you (and your family) can connect with God and call home can be a challenging one. 

When folks have come by our country church to experience what we are all about I often ask them the following question:

Does it feel like home?   

It may seem somewhat emotional and intangible (to an extent) but it gets at the core of who we are desiring to be, an extension of your family. Keep in mind that relationships take time to form and that there is no perfect church. However, God sometimes gives us a supernatural sense that we are where we are supposed to be.  If a person finds belonging and spiritual growth here at trinitylife Church, praise God. Of course that is my prayer. However, we just want to see you connected in a community where you’re going to grow in your walk with God. We pray that can happen within our context; but team Jesus celebrates either way.   Welcome to the family of God. You’re going to meet some amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. When you get to Heaven you’ll meet billions more.   May God lead you to the community of faith where you need to be!   

In Christ,   Pastor Jeff Aitken

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Looking for a Church home, a place that welcomes you just as you are? 

We may just be the place!

~Pastor Jeff Aitken